1989 Corvette Challenge Car Series Winner - Backup Car Never Raced
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1989 Corvette Challenge Car (NEVER RACED)
Driven by: N/A
Backup 1989 Corvette Challenge Car

Back-up Corvette Challenge Car documented history and specs

Car number: N/A Car Color: Black
Sponsor: Backup car Driver: N/A

Previous owners:

Current owner: Lance Miller 1990 - current

Race history:

Never raced, this car was a spectator for each event and the sole purpose was to use as a back-up car in the event a team needed it. Fortunately this never occured! Wonderful story pertaining to this vehicle, CLICK HERE!

A few words about the car from the current owner:

This car (Log Book #032) was converted for racing but never drove on the race track, it was a backup car for the series but it never was used. The miles on the odometer were shared by my father and me. I’ll never forget when this car was delivered. We both ripped around the fairgrounds with HUGE smiles on our faces. This car was the car that truly latched me into loving cars and especially Corvettes. It was the sound of the exhaust, the way it handled and the sheer beauty. This is the car that started it all for me; it’s a car that will always remain in our family collection because of the sentimental value. We’ve taken this car on various tours and cruises, one of us would drive half of the time and the other would finish the trip up. This car is hands down one of my favorite cars in our collection.

Here’s an excerpt from my father, which is located in the binder where all the documentation for the car consists: “The day this car was delivered to the Carlisle Fairgrounds, Lance was there with me in preparation for a surfing trip (father and son). I drove him around the fairgrounds at speed and then changed seats before we parked it. He fell in love. In love with this car, in love with high performance cars, in love with race cars, in love with fast driving. It was on of the greatest days of my life! We agreed to share the car from that point on.”

This was the car I pulled from the “Parent Child” theme last year, as you can see this story and car means the world to me.


Original Logbook – empty but has the vehicle information entered, yet never entered into a race.


Pictures of the car with John Powell standing next to the car, picture of the car in front of the Challenge Series head quarters at various races and video tapes of each race during the ’89 series. Featured in Chip's Choice (#229) at Corvettes at Carlisle 2006.

Interesting Fact:

  • There were only 2 Corvette Challenge Cars that were never raced - this is one of them.

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