Robber Pfeffer R9G Corvette #10
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1990 R9G Corvette Escort World Challenge Car #98
Primary Driver: Andy Pilgrim
1990 R9G Corvette Escort World Challenge Corvette #10

#98 Corvette Challenge Car documented history and specs

Car number: 10 Car Color: Black
Sponsor: n/a Driver: Robert Pfeffer
Other Crivers: n/a  

Previous owners:

Current owner: Robert Pfeffer 1995 -current

Race history:

Robert won the TCC championship in 2000 and JP (his son) won the championship with it in 2006 with the same car.

Other history:

Robert Pfeffer: "Out of all the race cars I have this one I will sell after my death (many years from now I hope). I fell in love with this car after seeing it at Summit Point in 1995 we all were running the Challenge Cars up there with Car Guys your Dad (Chip Miller) set it up. I had the number #2 1989 Challenge car up there trying to figure things out and Mike Hellerd owned the R9G car at the time. Fun weekend we all had and that was when I met Dave Hmura and his lovely wife. After that weekend I had the fever and called your Dad that fall and he turned me on to Mike and the next weekend I was bringing her home. The car had a few good stories before I got it. Kim Baker made her a race car and the dude who owned the car went to jail before he got it done and then Mike bought it from the bank. Mike raced it in HSR and kept her really clean and as close to stock as a guy could. After I got it we took it into the TCC series (it was just starting) and we trimmed her down. This car ran 65 plus TCC races without a DNF."

A few words about the car from the previous owner (Lance Miller):

This qoute from Robert says it all: "Out of all the race cars I have this one I will sell after my death (many years from now I hope)."





Other interesting facts:

  • Baker prepared the car originally.
  • The car ran over 65 races & never DNF'd.
  • One of the previous owners went to jail.

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