1990 R9G Corvette Race Car - stock
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1990 R9G Corvette - Production Number 14
Driver: Lou Gigliotti  
1990 R9G Corvette Escort World Challenge Corvette #98

Production #14 R9G Corvette documented history and specs

Production number: 14 Car Color: Yellow/Black
Sponsor: Baker Racing Driver: Lou Gigliotti

Previous owners:

Current owner: Bill Hopwood 1993 - current

A few words about the car from the current owner (Lance Miller):

The #4 car (or I guess the #2 car) was purchased from Kim Baker around 1993 or so. I have accumulated a good deal of history of the #4 car so looks like I have to start over. Some of the history I have are pictures of the original #4 car was raced by LG which I received from a photographer at one of the Corvette magazines. Assorted SCCA news clippings and other magazine articles from Corvette magazines generic to all R9G optioned cars round out what I have collected regarding the car. I removed most of the graphic as the car looked when I purchased it as I was going to race it regionally in ITE but decided against it as I recognized the history of the car and asked myself why I should beat up a car like that in regional races. Raced it a couple times, autocross a couple times but has not been on a track in over 7 years...start it up and drive it around the driveway and change the oil and drain the gas every so often.




  • SCCA Clippings
  • Pictures from various races

Other interesting facts:

  • The current owner raced this vehicle for a short time.

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