1990 R9G Corvette World Challenge Race Car
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1990 R9G Corvette Escort World Challenge Car Production #16
Driven by: Various Drivers
1990 R9G Corvette Escort World Challenge Corvette

Production #16 R9G Corvette documented history and specs

Production number: 16 Car Color: Yellow
Sponsor: N/A Driver: Baker Racing Drivers


Current owner: Laury Scott n/a - current

Click here to contact Laury.

A few words about the car:

This yellow car with black interior was raced in the 1990 Escort Challenge Series by Bakeracing
(Kim Baker) and normally ran as the #5 car. It has lightweight hood and 8 point roll cage. The car has a number of modification done for that series.

The Corvette was bought from Kim Baker at the end of the 1990 season and brought to Asia and ran it in the Asian Super Car Challenge - a series that was loosely based on street cars.

Bakeracing put the interior back in to the car, reinstalled the windows and headlights and put the passenger seat back in to the car. It ran in two races in 1991 (Bira
Circuit in Thailand and then Macau) and at the end of 1991 returned to the US.

During the period 1992 - 1997 It raced in Norcal SCCA Vintage Class and also ran it in a number of open tracks.

Here's a message from the current owner:

"I bought one of Kim Baker's cars at the end of the 1990 season. I brought it to Hong Kong (where I was living at the time) and raced it in the Asian Super Car Challenge in 1991. I then moved back to the US in
1992 and brought the car with me.

I raced it with Nor Cal SCCA in the Vintage class and also drove it in many Nor Cal Shelby Club open tracks during the period 1992 - 1997.

I moved back to Hong Kong in 1998 and the car was put into my Mom's garage (where it still remains).

I can send you a variety of information if you are interested as well as pictures, but can only do so in a few days. My computer is in for service and all the information is on that laptop. I should get it back by the weekend.

And just as an aside, the car is available for sale if you know of anyone interested. I did see a listing in the forum from "Big John" and have replied to it, but feel free to pass my name along to anyone else."


Plenty of magazine articles in regards to the “R9G” Corvettes.

Other interesting facts:

Baker Racing - Car #5 / yellow.

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