Tommy Morrison R9G Corvette #98
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1990 R9G Corvette Escort World Challenge Car #98
Primary Driver: Andy Pilgrim
1990 R9G Corvette Escort World Challenge Corvette #98

#98 Corvette Challenge Car documented history and specs

Car number: 98 Car Color: Silver
Sponsor: Exxon, Mobil 1, Morrison Engineering & Development Driver: John Heinricy & Andy Pilgrim
Other Crivers: Tommy Morrison, Stu Hayner, Don Knowles, John Heinricy & Robin Buck  

Previous owners:

Current owner: Ed Foss 2008-current

Race history:

In 1990 the Morrison Team won the Team, Manufactures and the Tire championships with this and it's sister car. The #98 car won the 24 hours of Mosport race and finished 2nd in the Grand Prix's of Dallas & St. Petersburg.

Other history:

This Corvette won the Mosport 24-hour race in the early '90s against its main competitor at the time Lutus. Years later these cars were raced during historic races throughout the country by Jay and Joe Policastro.

A few words about the car from the previous owner (Lance Miller):

This Corvette has quite a history behind it with Tommy Morrison running the team full steam ahead in the early ‘90s. Both the #97 & 98 cars were always at the top of the pack throughout the season. They were both backed by GM Corporation and reaped the rewards throughout the series. These cars recently came up for sale and we decided to jump on them, I’ve followed these cars for years and was happy to have them become a part of our collection.

The #98 Morrison car resides in Ed Foss's collection today.


Original window sticker, log book and plenty of articles/pictures


Plenty of magazine articles in regards to the “R9G” Corvettes, Tommy Morrison letter of agreement, pictures of the cars at various races which includes a lot of documentation.

Other interesting facts:

  • Andy Pilgrim went on to race for the GM Factory Team, he ran the C5-R Corvette and Cadillacs.

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