1990 R9G Corvette World Challenge Race Car
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1990 R9G Corvette Escort World Challenge Car Production #4
Driven by: Never Raced
1990 R9G Corvette Escort World Challenge Corvette

Production #4 R9G Corvette documented history and specs

Production number: 4 Car Color: Red
Sponsor: N/A Driver: Never Raced


Current owner: Mike Yager 1991-current

A few words about the car from the current owner (Mike Yager):

(This was an advertisement on Mecum in 2015)The 1990 Escort World Challenge Series Corvette R9Gs were only available for one week. Only race teams were allowed to order this very rare Corvette through dealerships. The 1990 R9G Corvette had its own code like the 1988 and 1989 Challenge Corvettes did, it was dubbed the “B9P” Corvette. Merchandising code R9G offered such items as heavy-duty springs with FX3 adjustable suspension as part of the package. Engines were base 5.7 liter models with no special preparations, like the 1988 and 1989 Challenge engines. Owners were responsible for all racing modifications. The documentation from GM clearly indicates that the cars were produced for the express purpose of racing in the SCCA Escort World Challenge Series. There is also documentation that identifies by serial number, all Corvettes produced with these option codes. Therefore, it is relatively easy to validate the authenticity of any R9G Corvette. Each of the 23 1990 R9G Corvettes were designated strictly for racing and some race teams, such as Tommy Morrison and Kim Baker, took the car to the next level. Some of these cars were stowed away by collectors, never seeing a race. This R9G Corvette was never raced and has only 115 original miles. It has been displayed at various shows, including Bloomington Gold. Serial number 1G1YY2383L5111764 was displayed at the New York Corvette Americana Hall of Fame Museum for 10 years before landing in Mike Yager's MY Garage Museum. It is a Bloomington Gold Benchmark, Survivor and Gold Certified Corvette. This R9G includes original factory paperwork and a copy of the original window sticker. 


- Bloomington Gold Benchmark, Survivor & Certified Corvette 
- 1 of 23 R9G Corvettes produced 
- 115 original miles 
- One week only availability 
- Only racing teams were able to order these cars 
- Never raced 
- 5.7L engine 
- 6-speed transmission 
- Heavy duty springs 
- FX3 Adjustable Suspension 
- Displayed at the New York Corvette Americana Hall of Fame Museum for 10 years 
- Includes historical documentation and original factory paperwork 
- Includes copy of original window sticker


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