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1990 R9G Corvette - Production Number 7
Driven by: Peter Ferrell  
1990 R9G Corvette Escort World Challenge Corvette #7

Production #7 R9G Corvette documented history and specs

Production number: 7 Car Color: Red
Sponsor: N/A Driver: Peter Ferrell

Previous owners:

Current owner: David Aggers 1991 - current

A few words about the car from the current owner (Lance Miller):

From the original documentation, the car was originally MCO'd (MSO'd) from GM to Young in Dallas, TX and ended up being sold to Roush/Toy Store, Key Largo FL (Jim Christ), through Menard & Holmberg in Mass.  The car was raced once in the St.Pete GP (1990), race prepared and driven by Peter Farrell.  Peter qualified it 14th and finished 10th in the race (please see following web site: click here). After that race the car was stored by Roush and never raced again. The car has about 670 miles on it today. I have known this car since 1991 and belonged to Roush, who actually paid Menard (I have copies of the Certified check from Roush to Menard).  Since 1990, the car has been with either Roush or me. The car raced with the GM prepared "St Pete" motor. The "St. Pete" motor was factory prepared and sealed by GM at the factory per SCCA series requirenment. That motor is in the car today with all yellow loctite seals all still in their original condition


Coming soon.


Build sheet andwindow sticker.

Other interesting facts:

  • Car came in 10th place at the St. Pete Grand Prix.
  • The car has 671 miles on the odometer today.

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